Facebook Graph API : publishing user posts with link no longer show in feed

Yesterday I worked on publishing user’s post to his/her facebook wall and everything worked fine. Except one thing. The post won’t reach the feed.

After half an hour of research I found this document

It state that

Updating a User’s Status

You can use this method to simply update a user’s status. When you do so, the status message appears at the top of the user’s profile and on the Friends > Status Updates page. The message also appears in the stream with your application icon.

To use this method to set a user’s status do the following:

  • Do not include an attachment or action link. If you do, the story will get published and will appear in the stream and on the user’s Wall only. It won’t appear at the top of the profile or in the Status Updates page.
  • Make sure the message is no longer than 420 characters. Otherwise, an error gets returned

Now I have to choose between

  • still add a post with your link even it doesn’t show in feed
  • sending just a message and have it in feed?

think would go with first one.